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Dumb little idea, but I really want to see a body-swap AU where the person wakes up and realizes something’s wrong because of the colours of things. Like looking outside to see the tree leaves look wrong. Because it is entirely possible that everyone’s perception of colour is different, but we are all taught that certain things are certain colours. So switching minds would leave the body still processing the colour, and red could be entirely different.

While I’m at it, little things like pain tolerances would be cool too. How much of the pain tolerance is mental, and how much physical? Stuff like that. I want a body swap AU that, even briefly, mentions stuff like that.

About net neutrality, picture this:

Imagine you’re driving to the store one day, when all of a sudden, the speed limit signs got changed. The speed limit was different depending on the store you were headed to. That’s odd, right? Imagine the stores had to pay money to up the speed limit for their store. Also odd. Now, imagine two gas stations, right across the street from each other. One is a mom and pop store, and the other is a chain store. Now, the speed limit for customers trying to go to the mom and pop store is set low, because they can’t pay to up their speed limit. The chain store can afford to up the speed limit for it’s customers, so it does. Would that not hurt the mom and pop store? People who don’t want to take twice as long to get their chips will go to the chain store. It’s not fair to them.

So why is it fair when we do that to the internet?

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You can find the article here.

I’m posting the comments because lately, MTV is censuring fans to expose their opinions.

Which they (Teen Wolf) consider the opinions “outrageous”. In fact fans have always been honest with the show. So the TWPR team are deleting comments and taking articles down. Better be safe than sorry, so I’m posting the comments. 

You never know right?
edit: I’m updating my twitpic with more comments

As blood-boiling as I found the article itself, I have to hand it to the fandom for calling it out on it’s shit.

A+ fandom. I’ma buy you a beer.