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Teen Wolf AU: Scott McCall and the Bunk Bed Dilemma.

S.poiler alert: After some time enjoying her singleness, Mom McCall decided to settle down with Dad Stilinski. Scott and Stiles ended up sharing bunk beds.

It was awesome for a while, until it became awkward for Scott when Stiles and Derek started dating.
Someone should teach them the meaning of the word privacy.

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Potterlock AU: John was wounded as an Auror, not in Afghanistan. He gets away with a bit of magic in the flat, because Sherlock doesn’t pay much attention to domestic things.


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The Skittles 13 Going On 30-Inspired!AU That No One Asked For: [part 1 of ?]

Scott McCall is a freshman, a loser and fed-up with wanting more and never getting it. Of course, his best friend, Stiles is more than okay with just having one friend, but one night, after not being noticed again by the girl of his dreams, Scott wishes that he could be more — popular, older, better — and the next thing he knows, he’s waking up, stronger, a senior, popular, and in a completely seemingly different world — but it only makes him confused, especially the fact that his best friend doesn’t seem to be his best friend…and he’s apparently spouting fangs. 

The AU that no one asked for, because we’re stupid and didn’t realize HOW MUCH WE DESPERATELY NEEDED IT IN OUR LIVES.

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I feel like Allison’s death would’ve meant more to me if it wasn’t the latest in a string of deaths of female/POC characters. But it just… It makes me sad, and pray that the idea that Allison is also possessed is true. But we were warned it was coming, and it’s part of an upsetting pattern.

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So, I wrote a thing to go along with this. I hope it is halfway enjoyable.


The lucid moments are few and far between.

He doesn’t know how long he’s been there, but he does know how he got there.

It had been shortly after ‘the big reveal’ as some news organizations had called it. When werewolves had become known. Of course, there were many that called them monsters, but most werewolves felt safe enough.

People were starting to get used to the fact that something that was once thought only existed in fairy tales lived down the street. Of course, there were a few extremists. Those who thought werewolves were dangerous and needed put down. Even some of the milder factions thought, with their strength and durability, that werewolves should be drafted for the army.

But things were settling down. Things were good.

Until she happened.

Kate had seemed normal. She was new to town and lost, and had asked Derek for help. When she got where she was going, she sent him off with a wink and a phone number.

That seemed fine at the time. Boys were supposed to like older women, right?

So they texted, and they met up. Derek even lost his virginity to her after sneaking her into his room.

Later, he woke up to screams and pain, before something caused him to black out. It was the beginning of the end.

He woke up later to the thrum of electricity painfully coursing its way through him. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear his family crying out around him. His young cousin, crying out in pain. His uncle, trying to call out soothing words. His father’s pained howl.

Slowly, they dropped off. His little cousin was first, the same night they were brought in. He felt it, like a brand to the chest.

One by one they were picked off, the gaping wound in his heart ripping wider with each loss. Time passed in a hazy blur until he could feel it. The power of the alpha tearing through him, settling in.

He howled his pain. He was the last one. He could feel it.

When he saw her walk up to him, the woman he had fallen for cruel and unrecognizable, he snarled in rage.

"Ah ah ah," she tutted, setting down the tray she carried. She picked up a needle full of purple liquid. "Just here to give you some medicine."

He felt the needle slip into a vein, then the world slowly fell out of focus.

Time moved by in fuzzy patched after that. He remembered a blond boy being brought to him, having his teeth forced into the boy’s skin. A blonde girl and a black boy suffered the same treatment.

He remembered the pain that came too frequently. Mostly they stuck to his stomach, cutting him open, ripping him apart. Sometimes they went for the chest, and with those days always came the sickening sound of cracking bones.

But mostly, he didn’t remember. Mostly, he tried to forget. Tried to forget the pained howls that filled the air in this place. Tried to forget that there was no one out there, looking for him.

Sometimes, he wonders if he forgot that he’d already died. He wonders if he’s in Hell already. If maybe, his family had been saved and brought to heaven without him.

Sometimes, he wondered if this was what he deserved.

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I have only watched each episode as it aired but I only recall jumping because of the first episode.

Thanks. I liked the first episode, but if jump scares were a regular thing, I don’t think I could watch it.

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Hey, any Sleepy Hollow fans wanna help me out?

I am good with creepy stuff for the most part, but I can’t stand jump scares. Just finished the first episode and BAM! Jump scare.

So, can I ask how often they use jump scares?

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"God, he’s just trying so hard to escape. He wants to save you, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too late."

AU: Derek is possessed by a demon, and it uses his biggest fear against him. The person he loves more than anyone, dying just like his family did.

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Sir, shall I try calling Mr. Hale? (continuation of this)

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